Born in the heart of the Southern Alps of New Zealand

Based in Twizel, we are a small family-owned business with one clear goal in mind, to offer busy people on the go a convenient way of disposing of human waste.

Having lived in Aoraki - Mount Cook National Park for over ten years, we noticed an increased demand for a solution to the most basic human necessity.

For years, most people would 'go' behind a tree, a rock, or in the best scenario, dig a hole. However, with the number of hikers in NZ booming, we believed this attitude was no longer acceptable.

Traditional 'poo pots' don't offer waste treatment and are complicated to dispose of and clean. This scenario was putting people off and back to the old habits.

After some research, we found out National Parks in the US provide pocket toilet kits, pre-loaded with 'poo' powder, for their visitors. The powder treats waste; the kits are safe to be transported back to base and easily disposed of in any general waste bin.

The pocket toilet kit idea was a no-brainer solution, and that is how we started our 'poo' business.