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Restop 1 - Liquid Waste Bag

​​Convenient, lightweight and easy to carry.

Environmentally friendly way to answer nature's call. The patented 'Handle Tab' bends back to form a sturdy opening for liquid waste through a one-way valve system.

Suitable for women, men and children. Restop 'Handle Tab' makes female use of the bag simple and easy.

Snap lock closure - loaded with a special blend of polymers and enzymes - gel liquid immediately - preventing spills or contact with waste.

Dispose of in a residual waste bin.

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Restop 2 -Solid and Liquid Waste Bag

Restop 2 has a proprietary blend of polymers and enzymes gel immediately and begin breaking down the waste.

The odour is contained in the durable triple barrier gas-impervious bag.

It's portable - safe and sanitary.

Dispose of in a residual waste bin.

Convenient use anywhere - anytime! Includes toilet paper and antimicrobial wipes.

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How to use Restop 2

Restop 2 -Wilderness Bag

Enjoy the outdoors and leave only your footprints.

Includes 5 Restop 2 Solid and Liquid and a convenient mesh bag to 'pack in and out' while hiking, camping or hunting.

Dispose of in the residual waste bin.

Safe and sanitary - Includes toilet paper and hand wipes

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Restop Commode

Lightweight and portable. Easy to carry and store.

Comfortable foam toilet seat.

Gamma seal o-ring lid provides a secure seal in wet or dry conditions.

Use with Restop 2.

No dump stations required.

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Restop Privacy Shelter

Durable - high quality - lightweight - easy to carry privacy shelter. 

Collapsible, super easy to assemble. Comes with 8 tent pegs, 4 guide ropes for secure placement in any situation.

The opaque colour allows complete privacy, even in sunlight.

 It is easily handled by one person. 

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Tow Tab roll - 10 Towel Tablets

A compact biodegradable towel tablet that turns into an all-natural, biodegradable and additive-free towelette with just a pinch of water.

No chemicals or dyes and is ideal for personal hygiene.


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