Convenient portable toilet solutions. 

Simple, safe and compact.

Welcome to Aoraki Solutions!

Aoraki Solutions is proud to be New Zealand Sole Distributors for RESTOP - a leader in sanitation and hygiene in the US.  

Restop provides a revolutionary range of products in human waste management. These products are designed to enhance your outdoor experience, providing a simple solution to your most basic necessity.

Explore now these unique products, conveniently available in this website. Please contact us if you have any questions.

The products we offer are excellent for....

The outdoor lovers

To all outdoor lovers in New Zealand - we are providing freedom to go anywhere - anytime!
On the track, hiking, packing, camping, boating or hunting.

Industrial -Transport

Construction, trucking, utilities, mining, agriculture or any industrial sector. Aoraki Solutions have a portable, safe, time-and-money-saving solutions when plumbing is not available.


When disaster strikes - be prepared!
We provide a safe, sanitary, portable and dignified way to deal with human waste and prevent the spread of disease.
Hospital or home healthcare - a dignified way to deal with human waste and prevent the spread of disease.


Aoraki Solutions is a proud supporter of  New Zealand - leave no trace
Meet New Zealand Leave No Trace amazing educational programs and projects.

Take good memories.
Leave only your footprints.