On-The-Go Waste Management System

Ideal for camping, hiking, and emergency preparedness. Experience seamless waste management when a toilet is out of reach.

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Discover our Toilet in a Bag – Perfect for emergency preparedness, hiking adventures, and camping trips in New Zealand.

Ever been on a dreamy hike, feeling one with nature, only to be jolted back to reality by... nature's call? We've been there! That's why we came up with Aoraki Solutions. We're here to make sure that when you're outdoors, you're thinking more about the view and less about where to... you know, go.

Loaded with Poo Powder.

Ever heard of 'Poo' Powder? Think of it as a special blend of goodness for your outdoor 'business'. It's a no-chemical mix that turns liquid yuckies into a solid. Cool, right?

Here's how it works: The powder has unique stuff called polymers that bundle up the waste and make it all neat and tidy. This means you can safely pop it in your everyday rubbish (or red bin) without worry. And there's more – it's got enzymes that quickly break down the number' ones' and 'twos', bringing them back to basics.

So, next time nature calls when you're out in nature, you know you've got the best sidekick with our 'Poo' Powder!

Curious? Unleash the power to go anywhere - anytime!

The perfect emergency companion, a must for outdoor lovers. Conveniently tucked away in your pocket, pack or glove box until you need it.


Dare to be Prepared - include a pocket toilet kit with your grab&go emergency bag.
The pocket toilet kit offers convenience in times of need.

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This is why we exist: on the road, on edge, on the worksite, and in the field. We give workers of New Zealand convenient toilet solutions they can count on, no matter where they are.

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Camping or hiking without toilets has never been easier.

Need a toilet you can take everywhere?

Who's Using Our Products?

Aoraki Solutions is a family-run enterprise focused on making it simpler to handle waste while people are on the move.