Convenient portable toilet solutions.

It's simple. It's safe. It's compact.

Welcome to Aoraki Solutions!

Aoraki Solutions is proud to be New Zealand Sole Distributors for RESTOP - a leader in sanitation and hygiene in the US.  

We are also New Zealand's distributor for Cleanwaste portable toilet solutions.

We import a revolutionary range of products in human waste management. We made available in New Zealand a variety of portable toilet kits, portable toilet seats and privacy shelter providing a simple solution to your most
fundamental necessity.

Explore now these unique products, conveniently available on this website. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Loaded with 'Poo' Powder

'Poo' Powder is a non-chemical waste treatment powder that gels and solidifies liquid waste. The powder is a unique blend of polymers and enzymes. 

The polymers change the composition of the waste, containing it and encapsulating it. In the process, the waste becomes safe for depositing it in your general waste bin (or red bin). The enzymes, on the other hand, ensure and accelerate the breakdown of the number 'ones' and 'twos' to its most essential parts.

Freedom to go anywhere - anytime!

Use Restop and Cleanwaste solutions when a toilet facility is not available or if you can not access it due to a health condition.


When disaster strikes - be prepared! We provide a safe, sanitary solution to deal with human waste. Make it part of your emergency kit.


As an alternative to Portaloo. 
Construction, trucking, utilities, mining, agriculture or any industrial sector.  


To all outdoor lovers in New Zealand - we are providing the freedom to go anywhere - anytime! On the track, hiking, packing, camping, boating, or hunting.


Hospital or home healthcare - a dignified way to deal with human waste and prevent the spread of disease.