A non-chemical toilet alternative for people on the go.

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Stop worrying about where to go when you gotta go! Enjoy convenience when nature calls.

Aoraki Solutions is New Zealand's number one distributor of pocket toilet kits. 

Our kits meet the needs of even the most discerning person. Not only is it lightweight and compact, but it comes with all the essentials you need to feel clean and refreshed.

Find the perfect solution for on-the-go sanitation and hygiene with our pocket toilet kits and accessories.

Loaded with 'Poo' Powder

'Poo' Powder is a non-chemical waste treatment powder that gels and solidifies liquid waste. The powder is a unique blend of polymers and enzymes. 

The polymers change the composition of the waste, containing it and encapsulating it. In the process, the waste becomes safe for depositing it in your general waste bin (or red bin). The enzymes, on the other hand, ensure and accelerate the breakdown of the number 'ones' and 'twos' to its most essential parts.

Curious? Unleash the power to go anywhere - anytime!

Stop worrying about where to go when you gotta go!


Dare to be Prepared - include a pocket toilet kit with your grab&go emergency bag.
The pocket toilet kit offers convenience in times of need.

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This is why we exist: on the road, on edge, on the worksite, and in the field. We give workers of New Zealand convenient toilet solutions they can count on, no matter where they are.

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Camping or hiking without toilets has never been easier.

Need a toilet you can take everywhere??